Final outcome and reflection

13.9 feet

This triptych is inspired by the ancient Chinese philosophy, Taoism. Advocating a life of simplicity and living in harmony with nature. Taoist Art often centres around Chinese landscapes such as tropical forests, waterfalls, and architecture. I wanted to attempt to transcribe this perspective within Industrial landscapes. Exploring whether it was possible to find this harmony within western industrial society. Inspired by high rise brutalist apartment blocks, traditionally seen as ugly, and attempting to draw a sense of beauty and harmony from them; through their symmetry, pattern, character and geometry. Allowing me to try and practice this mindset myself within a pervasively chaotic atmosphere. I also wanted to convey a sense of urban vibrancy and natural intuition into this piece, sparking comparisons between the spiritual and material world. Over the past few weeks of developing this project, I have naturally began to explore the shared sense of displacement, alienation and fear within society during this time. Inspiring me in unexpected ways to convey this alteration in society more prominently. Building an abstracted and estranged city landscape emblematic of the current state of the world aduring this pandemic.